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In Memory of Tootsie
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Pigeons - General
Interesting, surprising, enlightening
Public Health Risks Posed by Wild Pigeons
The TRUE Facts About Pigeon and Other Wild Bird Zoonoses
Take the "Gee Whiz Animal Quiz"
How much do you know?
The Value of Pigeons
There it is
The Holiday Bird (Christmas, Hanukah, etc.)
Pigeons are the biblical dove of love and peace
The Unappreciated Pigeon
A dove by any other name...
Pigeon Complaints - Cartoon
"Do they mean us?!!!!!"
"Share the Blue Sky"
Documentary - UWS featured in "Pigeons In The City"

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Feathered Friends
Companion Pigeons
Dove of Archbishop John Maximovitch
Beloved Pigeon of St. John (1896-1966), considered a saint in his own lifetime
"The Charm Of A Pigeon"
A Poem
We should give olive branch to pigeons 
Behind every pigeon is a story - E. (Phoenix) Valley Trib. Newspaper
Racing Pigeon Rescue and Thoughts of 9/11
Even a "pesty" pigeon is a spark of life - Delaware County Daily Times Newspaper
Pigeon Control
Click here to go to the Urban Wildlife Society
web site for pigeon control information
Sticky Bird Repellent

Tactile repellent kills birds - AZ Republic Newspaper
"Clash over pigeon deterrent"
Mesa, AZ, tactile repellent kills pigeons - Tribune Newspapers
"Residents irritated..."
Pigeon Control Issues - Peoria Independent Newspaper
Origin of the slur, "rats with wings"
Excerpts from the Woody Allen film, Stardust Memories
"Pigeons" Discussion E-mail Forum
It's Free to Subscribe
Pigeons Discussion Group
Appreciation, Welfare, and Care of Pigeons (and other doves)
Pigeon Poisonings
(also see the Avian Affairs Coalition Web Site)
 Bolded descriptions indicate UWS in the news
"Pigeons Dropping"
Pigeons Poisoned in St. Louis - The Riverfront Times
(The Urban Wildlife Society Contributed to this Story)
Scottsdale Hilton
Hotel to cease pigeon poisoning - Tribune Newspapers
Glendale (Az) Community College Poisons Pigeons, Cats, Crow
The Voice Newspaper
Activists Stop Pigeon Poisoning
Facts and reason prevail
over bureaucratic nonsense
regarding planned Maricopa
County Madison Street
Jail pigeon poisonings.
Bolded descriptions indicate UWS in the news
"County Plans to Poison Pigeons"
1st News About This - AZ Republic Newspaper
"County tries Pigeon Hotline"
AZ Republic Newspaper
"Pigeon Coup: County to Rethink..."
Pigeon Rally - AZ Republic Newspaper
"Pigeons Make Wacky List"
'93 Review - AZ Republic/PHX GAZETTE Newspapers
"Forget the pigeons" Cartoon
Benson, AZ Republic Newspaper
"Pigeons Aren't As Bad As You Think"
Linda Valdez - AZ Republic Newspaper
"Big Perch In The Sky"
County Plans to Trap & Kill Pigeons - PHX GAZETTE Newspapers
"Pigeon poisoning canceled"
New plan to trap and kill - AZ Republic Newspaper
County set to talk about pigeons again
Linda Valdez - AZ Republic Newspaper
"Scoop on the poop on the big house"
Phoenix New Times Newspaper Article
County's plan for rousting jail pigeons
Building to be pigeon-proofed - PHX GAZETTE Newspapers
Maricopa County's Decision Humane & Right
Defending Jail Pigeon-proofing - PHX GAZETTE Newspapers
"Jail Birds In For A Shock"
Building Pigeon-proofed - PHX GAZETTE Newspapers
Lake Havasu City's Transplanted
London Bridge OK -- Birds, Not?
Bolded descriptions indicate UWS in the news
"A wing and a prayer"
The Daily Herald Newspaper Article - Lake Havasu City, AZ
"Bird protectors seek 'peace'"
The Daily News Newspaper Article - Lake Havasu City, AZ
More Mohave County Shenanigans
Link to Mohave County Pages
More Pigeon Poisonings
Click here to go to the "More Pigeon Poisonings" Pages
Pigeon Poisonings around the country and the world
Pigeon Shoots
"A Pigeon Shooter's Poem"
Paraphrased from "A Hunter's Poem"
Lolenda "Fun, Fun, Fun" Bird Shoot
(also see the Avian Affairs Coalition Web Site)
Bolded descriptions indicate UWS in the news
"Live birds get shot in target practice"
Phoenix Gazette Newspaper Article
"Gun group that shot pigeons is free as a bird"
Phoenix Gazette Newspaper Article
"Why the Caged Bird Stings"
Nobody prosecuted for illegal "hunt"- Phoenix New Times Newspaper
Pigeon Abuse
(also see the Urban Wildlife Society Web Site)
Bolded descriptions indicate UWS in the news
London Pigeons Nabbed
Pigeons Stolen from Trafalgar Square - Arizona Republic Newspaper
Pigeons Murdered for School Prank
Gilbert, AZ, high school lethal prank - Arizona Republic Newspaper
"No penalty for fowl"
Gilbert, AZ, high school lethal prank - Tribune Newspapers
Movie Blast Kills/Injures Hundreds of Pigeons
Film Crew [Failed] to Aid Birds - AZ Republic Newspaper
Explosion Fallout: "No Code of Conduct"
Eyewitness Account of Lethal Movie Stunt
Porn for Pigeons
Bret Michaels interview ref. Pamela Anderson X-video supposed
to benefit Wildlife Groups - AZ Republic Newspaper
Pigeons shot with blow gun darts
ASPCA offers reward
USDA Shoots Pigeons
Daily World Newspaper Article
USDA Shoots Pigeons - Opinion
Daily World Letter to the Editor
Pigeon Competition
Blood Sport, Murder for Show
In the exploiters' own words
Death to Lost and Found Racing/Fancy Pigeons
Killing Pigeons for Ego, Profit, and Fun
Competitive Pigeon Racers'/Fanciers' Attitudes
2,200 Racing Pigeons Lost
Likely Dead - Associated Press
Racing Pigeon Rescue and Thoughts of 9/11
Even a "pesty" pigeon is a spark of life - Delaware County Daily Times Newspaper
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