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The Urban Wildlife Society
Including General Urban Wildlife Information, Pigeon Issues, Bird Control, etc.
Rock Dove (Pigeon) Pages
Appreciation, issues, advocacy, control, etc.
Plus, the "Pigeons" Discussion E-Mail Group
Avian Affairs Coalition Web Site
Including Bird Poisoning and Live-Target Shooting Issues
Wildlife Rehabilitation
What to do for sick, injured, or orphaned wildlife
 Wildlife-Rehab-Discussion E-mail List
Animal Protection Agency (A.P.A.)
Animal Safety/Law Enforcement
Veterinary Emergency Medical Service (VEMS)
Animal Rescue, On-Scene Stabilization, etc.
Those Who Help(ed)
~ Special Media Info.~
Call 602.265.BIRD (2473) or e-mail for URL and password.
Please, share your thoughts with us.
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